Kid Power! MELODY

Rare British Cult Classic! Early Bee Gees score! The inspiration for Moonrise Kingdom!

Maurice and Barry Gibb were commissioned to provide the soundtrack for this long-lost gem -- scripted by Alan Parker (BUGSY MALONE; PINK FLOYD:THE WALL) -- that re-united young actors Mark Lester and Jack Wild (co-stars of OLIVER!) in a story about pre-teen pals at a British school. In South London, two lonely classmates of opposite backgrounds - the well-bred, shy Daniel (Lester) and the Cockney cynic Ornshaw (Wild) - become good friends and start to get up to all kinds of fun-loving trouble together. But their friendship is affected when Daniel falls in love with fellow classmate Melody Perkins (Tracy Hyde) and the two children decide to run away and get married.

Along with Ken Loach's BLACK JACK (stay tuned for an appearance by that one in the series!), MELODY was named by Wes Anderson as one of the primary inspirations for his puppy love hit film MOONRISE KINGDOM, but unlike Anderson's over-determined, hyper stylized productions, Melody is realistic and painfully sincere. Not only is the Odessa-era Bee Gees music incredibly affecting, and the performances adorable and heartbreaking, but the amazing Jack Wild – best known to U.S. audiences as Jimmy from the Krofft TV show HR PUFNSTUF - is worth the price of admission all on his own. – Kier-La Janisse, KID POWER! series curator

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Director: Waris Hussein

Starring: Jack Wild, Mark Lester, Tracy Hyde,

Details: 106 min. G 1971 United Kingdom