Ladies of Burlesque: BEAUTY & THE BEAST


Hot off the heels of Disney’s blockbuster CGI-intensive remake, LADIES of BURLESQUE brings you the original version of a beloved fairy tale—Jean Cocteau’s 1946 French masterpiece BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Bewitching in every frame and surrealist at its core, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is a key work in the fantasy genre, and speaking of fantasy—Delicia Pastiche will take the stage to perform a special B&B-inspired act!


A beautiful maiden (Josette Day) sacrifices herself to save her father, who, after stealing a rose from a castle’s garden, enrages The Beast (Jean Marais) that haunts it. Forced to inhabit the enchanted castle as The Beast’s prisoner, Belle is proposed to each night by her bloodthirsty, fearsome captor until she slowly but surely falls under his romantic spell (note: the questionable reference to Stockholm Syndrome). Overt sexual innuendo imparts distinct non-PG eroticism to the film—creating an empathetic portrait of a suffering soul (The Beast’s hands smoke each time he slays a creature). 


With its Surrealist influence, the film’s enchanted castle, which features anthropomorphized candelabras (à la Gaston) and statues that come to life, is pure Cocteau—a legendary painter, sculptor, poet, writer, and director who operated in the same artistic circle as Picasso and Dali. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is truly a masterpiece of the fantasy genre, the Gothic, and complicated portrayals of sexuality. 

Director: Jean Cocteau

Starring: Josette Day, Jean Marais,

Details: 93 min. G 1946