Perhaps Canada's finest entry in the 1980s slasher boom, George Mihalka's gory tale of a crazed miner on the loose in Nova Scotia's dank claustrophobic Sydney Mines is the perfect Valentine's Day film for horror fans. My Bloody Valentine centres on a  small community of blue collar miners who discover there's some truth behind decades old folk tale about Harry Warden, a deranged murderer who kills Valentine's Day celebrants with his pick axe. As party plans get underway, the legendary gas mask-clad killer makes a surprise reappearance and starts bumping off locals with the help of a laundry dryer, a shower head and a boiling pot of hot dogs. A shocked MPAA demanded Mihalka cut down the film to avoid an X, but My Bloody Valentine is still a surprisingly graphic treat--the only thing that flows more freely than blood is the Moosehead beer, which clearly marks this film as a Canadian genre classic through and through. This Valentine's, make sure Harry picks you! – Paul Corupe (

Director: George Mihalka

Starring: Lori Hallier, Neil Affleck, Paul Kelman,

Details: 91 min. 18A 1981 Canada