"Tower, more than most films of its kind, is deeply observational, and the intimacy it achieves with its protagonist makes it one of the most effective character studies of the past several years." - Calum Marsh, Slant Magazine

"A confident statement of purpose by one of Toronto's most gifted young filmmakers" - Jason Anderson, The Grid

Tower centres on a thirty-four year old man, Derek, who lives at home with his parents in Toronto, Canada. Unlike his married brother, who is expecting a baby, Derek is single and without a career. Although he aspires to become a graphic-animator, he works part-time at his uncle's construction company. 

Late at night, he wanders the streets alone and frequents nightclubs in search of companionship. Derek suddenly finds himself in an intimate relationship with a woman he meets, Nicole. When a neighbourhood raccoon becomes a constant nuisance by tearing up his family's garbage, Derek sets out to catch it. 

Director: Kazik Radwanski

Starring: Derek Bogart, Nicole Fairbairn, Deborah Sawyer,

Details: 78 min. NR 2012