VICE presents: Julia Ducournau's RAW


"A cleverly written, impressively made and incredibly gory tale of one young woman's awakening to the pleasures of the flesh - in all senses of the term." -Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

7:00 PM - Flesh-eating Pre-show!

8:00 PM - RAW

Afterwards, VICE's Amil Niazi will conduct a Q&A with 'Faculty of Horror' podcast host Alex West.

Writer and director Julia Ducournau bursts out of the gate with he
r unapologetic coming-of-age debut horror, Raw. Ducournau masterfully weaves blood and meat with sex and hormones, to create a film that is equal parts revolting and enthralling, with not a moment to catch your breath or settle your stomach. It follows the teenage life-long vegetarian Justine (Garance Marillier) as she enters veterinary school, where her older estranged sister has been studying. Justine finds that her sister is deeply enveloped in the partying lifestyle of a 20-something student, whereas she is still far more reserved and innocent. During a freshman hazing ritual, she is forced to eat a piece of meat, and although she tries to get out of it, her sister insists that she should just do it to fit in. Afterward, Justine finds herself insatiably hungry for flesh, and captivated by the new world she has entered - filled with drugs, booze, and most of all, a burgeoning feeling of sensual desires.

Deserving of its title, Raw is an unadulterated terror and deliberately emotionally stirring. It braids its horror elements with moments of human understanding - taking the confusing feelings of puberty that many of us have experienced, and showcasing it at a tremendous horrific volume. We can all relate to the plight of Justine, but er, hopefully not too well.

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Director: Julia Ducournau

Starring: Garance Marillier, Ella Rumpf, Rabah Nait Oufella ,

Details: 99 min. R 2016